Celebrities Look Alike

They always say that a person will always be unique in the world, but it is not mistaken that in one way or another there will always be a person whom we can be mistaken as somebody else or can be mistaken as our twin, or someone related to us by blood, and it can happen in our lifetime.
This is not only evident among ordinary people, but the personalities who also join the entertainment industry. Where these people are often seen in front of our screens, either they are acting, singing, hosting or dancing.

Here are some identified showbiz personalities that are mistaken as relatives or twins:
Kathryn Bernardo started her career as a child star, and on her teen years, she made her on name on the big screen, when Nadine Lustre joined the industry, there were often mistaken from one another. Often, the comments are they have similar facial structure that is very noticeable.

Second, the Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo and the singer Morisette Amon. Even Sarah Geronimo herself, admitted tha…

New Actor Dubbed As The Next Daniel Padilla

The sixteen-year-old teen of Cavite, Seth Fedelin was given a big break to join the TV Drama, Kadenang Ginto as part of the Gold Squad. He was introduced on a teaser trailer early this summer with Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri, at Francine Diaz. It was seen there that he will soon be paired with Andrea Brillantes who plays as Marga and Seth on the other hand will play as Mikoy.

Seth was one of the teen housemates in the first chapter of Pinoy Big Brother Otso. He might not have landed on any of the four spots, being given this opportunity in the industry is already a win. He was nicknamed as the “Hope-Pool Son ng Cavite”, for he did not lived a luxurious life, that when things get tough with his family, they look for other means to support their needs, that is why they had this opportunity to take care of an abandoned public swimming pool. Moreover, Seth updated his Instagram expressing his gratitude towards his classmates and teachers for supporting him as he just finished his Jun…

That's My Boy Winner Goyong After 20 Years

Some aspirants to join the entertainment industry will always push their luck by joining reality shows or contest search and be hopeful that talent managers would be able to spot them among the contestants. There have been several stars nowadays who are products of these. Though a lifetime career cannot be guaranteed in the world of show business, you can always find your way in, though on a different career.

If you happen to be a 90s kid, you definitely have heard this segment on the longest running variety show, Eat Bulaga, the segment is entitled, “That’s My Boy”. It is a counterpart of the segment, Little Miss Philippines, where the goal of the show is to discover witty and smart, and talented little boys and develop them as future stars. It will always give delight to everybody’s home seeing these kids and hearing their witty answers from simple questions, and how they confidently interact well with the hosts and the audience.

One of the remarkable kids there is Goyong or Steven Cl…

Meet The Beautiful Daughter Of Wima Doesnt

Every mother’s much awaited chapter of her daughter’s life would be her upcoming promenade. The mother will get excited to choose which gown would best fit her princess and would do so much to provide what her daughter desires. And it will earn so much pride for the mother as she will see the improvement of her daughter and how astonishing she looks like, at the same time it may bring back memories to a mother on her once prom night, or might feel like they looked the same or even prouder that the daughter looks more beautiful.

Just what had happened with Wilma Doesnt. Wilma Doesnt was a known celebrity actress and comedienne, and model in the Philippine television. She had become an icon for her very petite physique and her skin color. Nevertheless, she might have portrayed comic character on films or sitcoms, her beauty is still appreciated whenever she models clothes for magazines. You would be surprised that Wilma already has a teenage daughter, and the latter proudly shared her…

Celebrity Rags to Riches Story

There are several rags to riches stories that we can hear everyday that may inspire us to strive and be successful in life. And good examples would be the stories of our celebrities who can be seen on our TV screens. They might look well-off and well provided, but some of them have experiences you would not thought they have experienced, that life had been hard on them too. So what ever fame they are experiencing right now is all worth it. So here are some of the celebrity icons who are considered to have rags to riches story.

Who would have thought the once heartthrob, Marvin Agustin who had become famous in the 90s was once worked as a waiter before he ventured to the entertainment industry and now owned a lot of restaurants.

Sarah Geronimo on the other hand experienced poverty when their family business went bankrupt, and from there, she used her talent to improve their way of leaving and fortunately, she was hailed a winner on the singing contest she joined, and at present she wa…

Meet The Beautiful Daughter of Edu Manzano

It is very fascinating to see how siblings would always be proud of the achievements of one another. Though being compared with one another is inevitable, but it can be relaxing seeing how they can go well together, respecting each other and encouraging with one another in terms of their strengths and potentials.

What more if your sibling would share the equally good looks from the same genes of their father. That is it! It has been no secret that Luis Manzano has other siblings from his father, who always greet him on cam on special occasions. And with this, the audience was able to put their eyes on them, and they took time to stalk and look over the details of them.One is the twenty one year old sister of Lucky, whose name is Addie Manzano. Addie’s mom is the former model, Rina Samson. No doubt, Addie really came from good genes. Try to imagine the age gap of Luis from Addie which is almost 16 years, she could pass for Luis’ daughter, but Luis seemed to drank the fountain of youth…

Filipino Tricycle Driver Catches The heart Of This Beautiful Foreigner

As they say, love is blind, that falling in love you would look past the imperfections of the person, even what the people around you are saying no matter how they discourage you from the relationship that feel that may doom to fail. Your other senses will be numbed except for that immeasurable feeling of light headedness, heart fluttering emotion.

The feeling of that once imperfect person would look like a knight in shining armor on you and there would be no one else who would surpass such emotion you feel towards the person. That is the effect of love to an individual. It has been the ancient emotion in the whole world starting from its creation.
The society might have set its own standard on whom should be paired with whom, who belongs to one another, what kind of relationship should we consider a perfect couple. But there will really be an exemption to the rule, despite the eyebrow’s raised from people, love still wins.

It’s a photo featured of a tricycle driver, and beside him i…