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Paul Soriano's Handsome Little Brother

The moment when the husband of Toni Gonzaga is revealed and finally tied the knot, every maiden wants to have someone like him. Paul Soriano is the ideal man of the many women, and after knowing the sacrifices and patience of Paul to have Toni, people loved her more. He is intelligent, talented, well-mannered, patient and all the good adjectives you can give him.
As a fellow Christian, the same with Toni, they both believed on the sacredness of sex with the blessings of marriage, and with the present behavior of lovers, it is surprising that the two were able to wait for the right time, that is why they were instantly blessed with a cute baby boy, Sevie.
Since our man is already taken, netizens searched in vain to look for a relative who is also like them, and they did not fail. Meet Parker Soriano, Paul’s younger brother. He was first spotted in one of the photos and videos during the wedding of Toni and Paul, and netizens have been all curious to squeeze out information about him.


Isang Fan Abot Langit Ang Kasiyahan Matapos Nyang Gawin Ang Bagay Na Ito Kay Andrea Brillantes

Andrea Brillantes is known for her exotic beauty despite her young age. She's not just blessed with beauty but a bombshell body as well but behind the camera, is her personality pleasing as her looks?

Fans have a lot of stories to tell about their encounters with their idol. Some remained fans while others left the fandom after knowing the true color of their idols when the camera is off because together with the cameras their attitude became off as well.Not all celebrities are an all-in-one package but mostly they are especially when we talk about local celebrities. There is Angel Locsin who is known for her kindness on and off camera and Anne Curtis for her bubbly personality and her advocates for humanity.

Adding to the list of celebrities who are known for their genuine attitude is young actress and #eyebrow goals Andrea Brillantes. Andrea's photos with a male fan went viral after letting this fan to go beyond the usual fan service the young actress has been catering her fa…

Babae Laking Pagsisisi Matapos Magpatattoo Ng Kilay

For women, eyebrows is the most important part of the face, and probably the most vital part of any makeup. Women takes a lot of time to complete and achieve that perfect curve in their eyes to make any look oh-so stunning. Many YouTube gurus are focusing on their eyebrows and it’s even starting a trend.
Beauty salons and cosmetic tattoo centers are offering various eyebrow tattoo jobs so that women who have serious dilemmas doing and drawing their eyebrows will worry no more. Permanent tattoo on eyebrows is a thing and ladies are seriously digging for it since it came out. It almost sells like pancakes along with the rise to popularity of plastic surgeries.

However, plastic surgeries getting epic failures is also a buzz—and so does botched eyebrow tattoos! A woman in Thailand gets a botched permanent tattoo on her eyebrow done by a less experienced tattoo artist who drew her eyebrows way out of the line. Now, facing a serious problem on her face, the Thai woman succumbs into the horr…

Anak ng Aktor Na Si Jericho Rosales, Graduate Na.

One pride of the parents is when their child was able to achieve milestones on their life, and one example of that is by attending graduation rites as a feat on finishing one’s education. Happiness is shared among family members when someone attends this kind of ceremony.
And who would have thought that the actor Jericho Rosales already has a son who graduated Senior High School. Santino Rosales, Jericho’s son to model Kai Palomares shared their joy and pride on their social media accounts about the latest achievement of their son by graduating Senior High School. On the photo uploaded by Jericho, he captioned it “Dad’s very proud. Love you, Santino.” While Santino’s mother on the other hand posted another congratulatory post and mentioned her thanks for her son’s father and its current wife who is a model host, Kim Jones, she mentioned her gratitude for being a supportive second parents to Santino despite their relationship arrangements.

“Today, our son graduated from 12th grade. He …

Raymart Santiago's New Girlfriend

Each of us has a chance of love for the second time around. Filipino actor and comedienne, Raymart Santiago has his new-found love on a non-showbiz personality, AC Legarda.AC Legarda is a senior division for Ayala Land, Inc., and a cousin of Senator Loren Legarda. It is actually rumored that they are in a relationship and been caught dating. The speculations had fired up when Raymart Santiago was seen last February 25, 2018 on AC’s birthday party. It was discovered through the photos uploaded by Arnold Vegafria on his Instagram account.

Raymart Santiago was married to Claudine Barretto in the year 2004. There is no relationship that has been smooth sailing, they have two kids, the adopted daughter Sabina Natasha and their son Rodrigo Santino. On year 2011, things are unfixable and they separated. The two might have had issues in their relationship, but moving on and seeing Raymart in a new relationship might not do any harm. AC on the on the other hand also have two kids on her previo…

Water Instead of Dishwasher

People who ran the household and responsible to budget monthly expenses, they would always look for ways to save money or avail purchases which has discount to save money.A Facebook netizen shared on Facebook the experience of her grandmother when the latter hoarded a lot of dishwashing liquids and fabric conditioner. Since these two are regular purchases in washing the dishes and doing your laundry, it will be bliss availing it on its lowest price.

A lot of fake and scammed products are all over, and they take advantage of people who can easily be fooled with this scheme. One would thought that it is a jackpot for buying cheaper products unknowingly that each purchase will be put to waste. And one weakness of some people is when people started to swarm towards the product and get their own purchases it creates a force that will influence other people to buy, and seeing discounts and products being sold at its lowest price the eyes of the consumers already sparkles.

This incident happe…

Angel Locsin's Real Attitude

It's not new that many people bumped into local celebrities in public places and these kind of encounters somewhat shows a celebrity's real personality behind the camera.  They say that a person's attitude can be observed when no one is watching. As for a celebrity's case, his true colors can be revealed when he is not in front of the camera and no audience is watching and following his actions.

Recently, a netizen named Maritess Caleja Albania dropped a post on Angel Locsin's official facebook page sharing her encounter with the "La Luna Sangre" star. According to Maritess, she was at Maginhawa Food Park in Quezon City when she accidentally hit an SUV by the door of the cab she's riding. Although there were no scratches or dent seen on the SUV, Marites caught the attention of the SUV's driver and one of the SUV's passengers which was later identified as Angel's personal assistant.

The netizen asked the driver and the PA if she could talk w…

Alden and Maine Mendoza Snubs Each Other in Airport

The love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza or popularly known as AlDub is still considered as the number love team until today despite the reality series "Kalyeserye" that started it all had ended. Furthermore, the phenomenal love team still continue to conquer the local TV advertisements and print ads and as the other half alone, both Maine and Alden has been given more projects to star without the company of one another. They can stand as an individual artist on their own. Speaking of being on their own, a video of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards went viral where the two were documented ignoring each other in the airport as if they do not know each other.

In the video, Maine went and fell in line. At first, it seemed that she was just alone but moments later, a guy wearing a red jersey jacket registered in the video. According to the netizen who uploaded the video, the guy wearing a red jacket was Alden Richards.

When the two crossed paths, Maine became busy with h…

Jackie Chan Shows Off Multi Million Mansion

Millenial or not, for sure, you know Jackie Chan. For the case of the millenials, we grew up watching his movies. With all the blockbuster movies he starred and created, it's not impossible for this living legend to live in a glamorous mansion located in Beverly Hills. Let's take a tour in Jackie Chan's $12.25M worth mansion. Located at North of Sunserlt Boulevard, this white mansion became Jackie Chan's home from 1998 to 2006. The said mansion was later sold in an amount of $12.25M or 612.5M pesos. The property measures 30,000 sq. ft. in area. The mansion has a spacious living room, a kitchen and a dining fit for a king, a family room with a step-down bar.

Compared to other existing mansions that we usually see on TV and magazines,.jackue Chan's white mansion has a glamorous fountain that welcomes his guests and speaking of guests, a great part of the said mansion was created to entertain a number of visitors. Guests can choose among having a barbecue outdoor or sp…

Angel Locsin Grants PGT Contestant Long Time Dream

Truly, Angel Locsin is one of the most kindest and soft-hearted stars in the industry. Again, her kindness became headline by not hesitating helping a contestant at "Pilipinas Got Talent". What did she do?

If our memory serves us right, not so long ago, we shared an incident wherein Angel Locsin came across a fan who bumped her car in a particular food park in Quezon City where instead of having all the right to rage, she remained calm and even checked on the fan, if she was okay.

Now, Angel Locsin is again on the spotlight for not thinking twice helping PGT contestant named Michael Aco. The audution of the 27-year-old contestant went well for demonstrating a comedy stint by impesonating Robin Padilla as incorporated with a funny song number. His act was so funny to the point Angel Locsin came to the stage to test his limits and his acting skills. Not to mention, he also got the opportunity to kiss Angel Locsin twice.

The luck of Michael did not just end there because Robin Pad…

Know More About Jaque Gonzaga

2018 is starting to be filled with love. Take note, it's still just the first day of February and seemed it's already hearts day because love is now in the air. Speaking of love, the best form of love to celebrate of course is between opposite gender. What more if a known gay celebrity is starting to fall in love with an ordinary girl?

It may sound as if you're watching a romantic film but the truth is, this newly love team was formed naturally. If you are an avid viewer of "It's Showtime", the quick sub-segment of Vice Ganda and Jacque Gonzaga on "Ms. Q and A" is not new to you. Well, who is Jacque Gonzaga before anything else? To those who do not know her yet, Jacque Gonzaga is one of "It's Showtime" female dancers and is also assigned to bring the questions for the "Ms. Q and A" contestants on stage.

During the first months of airing of the said segment, Vice Ganda started noticing Jacque and even calls her "ate girl&qu…

Liza Soberano Dances Budots Challenge

From her video singing Andrew E's "Banyo Queen", Liza Soberano again gain hits online for dancing past dance trend 'Budots Dance'. Here is the video and thank us later.

Yesterday, Liza Soberano trended for her response about the misconception of 'Bagani' where she defended herself by telling everyone that she is a Filipino and how she loves sinigang. That tweet earned her a lot of negative response but still many found fun out of her tweet.

To make the atmosphere even brighter, let us forget first Liza's viral tweet yesterday and again fall in love with her more for showing her 'jolog' side.

In the viral video, seemed Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil along with their friends are enjoying in the pool. Liza was standing outside the pool and serving drinks to her friends when out of nowhere she danced the 'Budots Dance'.

We are not sure if Liza is really dancing with the tune or if the music was just inserted to the video to make it look that Li…

Robi Domingo Teases Daniel Padilla to Liza Soberano

Robi Domingo is a hot topic on twitter after his IG stories went viral for doing something 'inappropriate' to Liza Soberano and Robi Domingo at ASAP backstage. Here is the video and be the judge.

Here in the Philippines, fans are very faithful and in full support to onscreen love teams and two of the biggest love teams now with a big fandom are KathNiel comprising of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla and LizQuen, the love team of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil.

When names are dragged to the said love teams, die hard fans become defensive and start bashing the 'third party' or the person behind 'ruining' the love team.

Speaking of such scenario, Robi Domingo is now bashed by fans of KathNiel and LizQuen after he posted a clip teasing Liza Soberano to Daniel Padilla on Instagram. In the video, Robi Domingo tries to get the attention of Daniel who was sitting few feets away from Liza by somewhat signalling the actor that Liza has something to say to him but immedia…

Maine Visits It's Showtime

It may sound a bit weird but there is sometimes that desire that we want to see our favorite stars appearing on rival the network. What do you think would happen if one of the biggest stars of a certain network appears on one of the shows of the rival network?

Just recently, there was some circulating news that Maine Mendoza would guest in Vice Ganda's late night show "Gandang Gabi Vice" but it seemed the speculations has been answered sooner when 'Maine' showed up in Vice Ganda's first launching show "It's Showtime". So, how did 'Maine' end up in the show?

Probably you guessed it right, it was not the actual Maine Mendoza who came to the show but just her 'katukayo'. Apparently, the 'Maine' who stole the spotlight on one of the episodes of "It's Showtime" was just an audience who was chosen to participate in the variety show's segment.

Since 'Maine' was there, the "It's Showtime" h…