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Meet Angel Locsin of South Korea

The appreciation of the Filipinos on the Asian hype specifically both women and men artists is so overwhelming. The Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese celebrities have totally overhauled the fascination of Filipinos to once Mexican inspired telenovelas.

 There are several KDramas that had been watched, relying on subtitles, giggling on romantic scenes, crying on heavy dramas for far too emotional episodes. Filipinos also tend to sing their songs, though totally of a different language, but as we are too flexible, the meaning transcends beyond the language. Aside from these, we also tend to use their products to achieve that glowing fresh pore less skin, that everybody would die for, and a growing adolescence who is hitting his or her puberty period would definitely try these products they are using.

Because of these, even the way they apply make-up and the clothes they wear had brought forth great influences on how people groom themselves. And with these, some netizens were able to ident…

Remember Miko Samson of Gmik ?

Have you heard of the teen show G-MIK, it has been a local sitcom where it caters the dilemma, experiences and other situations of adolescence. A lot of 90s teens were so hooked of this teen show where their newest trends where often imitated by the youth. While some of the actors of the sitcom are still part of the industry, some decided to leave the luster of the spotlight and decided to continue their lives privately.

 Can you still remember Tonsy? The cute guy who courts the character of Camille Prats? Miko Samson was first discovered when he was involved in a theater production, Prinsipe ng Dagat, then he started his career first in the Kapuso network, then later on joined the ABS-CBN Management then become a member of the Star Circle Batch 7 and he first appeared in the longest running concert TV show ASAP in 1995.

The life in the entertainment industry does not guarantee a lifetime support nor will sustain your living, so Miko quit the showbiz then continued his studies. Eventu…

Inspiring Life of Ate Gurl

Have you ever encountered “Ate Girl”? This might be an ordinary name you hear from the public whenever a stranger is being called or whenever you are calling a close friend. But Ate Girl can be seen on TV specifically on ABS-CBN’s noontime show Showtime.

 Jaki Gonzaga or “Ate Girl” as she is popularly known is a regular dancer in showtime, and during a segment, they will always have a scene of Vice Ganda. Though everybody is aware of the s3xuality of Vice Ganda, whenever Jaki goes up on stage, Vice already assumes his masculinity and say sweet lines and admiration towards “Ate Girl” it might sound cringy, but Vice’s lines will really catch you off guard.

And who would not admire this sweet lady? She has a fair skin and sweet smile that is truly captivating, at the same time her sweet looks, who would not fall for that? That even Vice Ganda who is open about his sexuality was not able to resist the beauty of Ate Girl, that is why Vice openly admires her. On Valentine’s Day this year, V…

Lot Lot Deleon and Monching's Children

Having a sister is probably the best blessing God could ever give to us. Having to spend time with her through endless chats at night and the best mate you can ever have while shopping or choosing the perfect dress for you.

A sister is everything in the universe rolled into one: your closest best friend who’ll never betray you, your protector, and a shoulder to cry on when life gets little too tough. Having a sister is like having a real BFF in your life. Just like any celebrities, Janine Gutierrez (daughter of “Monching” Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon), shows off how proud she was having the best sister in the whole world. She recently posted on her Instagram account a birthday greeting to her sister whom she said, she admired the most her entire life. She also expressed how she was having a great fun with her that she even said she “can’t wait to travel until they’re grandmas”.

She also expressed how she constantly brags and how proud she was for having a sister with green-colored eye…

The New Life of Stefano Mori

If you’re a ‘batang 90’s’, you would probably remember this child star whose star shone so bright way back the peak of his showbiz career. Where is child star Stefano Morin now? Had he been successful after quitting show business?

 Known to be one of the best and famous child stars of his generation, Stefano Mori decided to leave the limelight and be an ordinary citizen. During the peak of his career, Stefano bid his goodbye to show business in 2002 and flew to Italy which left his shining showbiz career to fade.

Now, Stefano’s name is starting to make news due to this video posted by The Pinoy Channel in facebook revealing what keeps the former child star busy nowadays. Fifteen years after quitting show business, Stefano is now enjoying his simple and peaceful life as a business man. His line of business is in food industry where he found his space in the restaurant business.

As of now, Stefano operates “Casa Italia” in Palawan and expands the business locally and internationally wi…

Beautiful Police Woman in the Philippines

Who said that cops are only for tough men and their machismo? Well, rules are made to be broken by women of law. And doesn’t mean that you serve the people and you work as a full-time cop, does it mean that you would have to risk a beautifully, feminine body. Just like this Pinay cop who goes viral when she sizzles the internet world with her gorgeous body on Instagram.
 Well, PO1 Tin Casaysayan, a female cop from the Philippines had her overnight fame after her Instagram photos went viral on the internet. Her photos were posted on “Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa Supporters”, a page on Facebook, where later on, her photos are now shared all across the internet! Netizens are sharing and spreading her photos around social media so fast that it immediately made the lady cop an instant celebrity idol online.

Stalking some of her photos on her IG account, it turns out that the beautiful lady cop is an outgoing gal. PO1 Casaysayan seems to enjoy most of her time outdoors whenever she was off-duty…

PBB Season 1 Housemate Uma Khouny Update

They always say that as an artist in the entertainment industry there is no security for your future, because no one can tell on how long your fans will love you, on how long they will support your shows, projects or endorsements. So to establish security, one should always have a back-up plan and a fall back on what else can they be busy with after their life on the spotlight.

Can you still remember Uma Khouny of the first batch of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother? After his entertainment success, where is he now? Uma Khouny was raised in Israel from a Filipina mother and an Arab-Israeli father. After being accepted on the reality show, he flew to America. On their one hundred days stay in the house, Uma was never nominated for eviction despite his very bold and prank character. Uma was noted to be the person who can freely express what he wants to say without reservations. He was also linked to fellow housemate Cassandra Ponti for their shared sweet moments, but it did not last. Y…