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Ayen Laurel's Handsome Son

Being a child of a celebrity couple would mean that your private life is also at stake. Meaning, you do not have an excuse to be kept from the scrutiny of your parents’ fame at the same time your identity can be revealed to the public. How? Because your photo can be taken to one of your family outing, or when you go out in public with your parents which is but normal, but when you are spotted, the eyes of the paparazzi and the netizens will be at feast on you, more with if you are extra interesting, added by inherited good hormones.  The same is true with the son of the singer actress Ayen Munji-Laurel. After seeing photos with Ayen, netizens have spotted how good looking Ayen’s son had grown. Though married with the singer actor Franco Laurel, Ayen was once married with the prince of Brunei, Jefri Bolkiah, and he fathered Hasan Bolkiah. From Hasan’s looks, it can be traced that his parents both contributed on his looks that made him irresistible in the eyes of the netizens which

KPoP Star, Now A Kapamilya Actress

Most of the Filipinos are admiring Koreanovelas, and it has been a turn of taste, that the once invaded Filipino dubbed Mexican series on the Filipino television is now have changed. In every home there is someone who have watched a Korean Drama, or someone who knew an Oppa, or a Korean boy group or a dance number of a Korean girl group. Aside from their artists, Filipinos also admire how natural and fresh Koreans look, that even their beauty products are being used and almost available for use to each home. And that is how the Korean phenomenon affects the Filipinos. With this, the industry needs to answer the demand of its consumer, so the Star Magic management under the ABS-CBN network invited a Korean star who won a talent search competition K-Pop Star 6. After being a runner-up in the competition she was able to release her album titled “Troubled” last May 2017. This star is named Kriesha Ziskind Teo Tiu or more popularly known as Kriesha Chu. Looks can really be deceiving,

New Star Dubbed As Kathryn Bernardo of GMA

The life in the entertainment industry is a big competition. There is no guarantee on how long will you stay, at the same time there is no guarantee on how loyal your supporters can be. As what they say, you are on the pedestal and being recognized and had become a star not only because of your talents but with the volume of people whom you entertain and supports you.  Regardless whether you started as a child star, shifting roles from a little kid to a mature role would really take great transition, at the same time taking care of your image, unless you were really able to establish a strong foundation and commitment to your career, that your career is part of the blood in your veins that it is already inseparable. Another promising star is the 17 year old actress of the Kapuso Network Station. The moment she was discovered she was immediately offered numerous projects. She already portrayed different roles and she never failed her viewers, and she still surprises her audience.