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Where is Lottie of Princess Sarah Now ?

You may have been familiar with the Princess Sarah memes. Where the cartoon character of Sarah is known in the social media as the girl who peels potatoes. But aside from the memes made from the creative minds of the Filipinos, in 1995, a live action Filipino version was made. If you belong to the 90s kids you definitely know about these characters. There is also a song intended for its characters, “Sarah, Sarah, Prinsesa. Lottie, Lottie, iyakin..” And the song goes on describing each of the characters. You might have heard of Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa, where the main character, Sarah Crewe was played by the child star, Camille Prats. Other memorable character is the little child who often cries and Sarah would come to her aid and stop her from crying, her name is Lottie. Camille Prats/ Princess Sarah . source: Youtube  Lottie is often portrayed as the crybaby and the youngest girl in Sarah’s school who is often bullied by Lavinia. Lottie’s character is played by Ani Pe

Andre Paras' Rumored Girlfriend

The Paras brothers have been the standard of many girls as they do not only possess the height and the looks but also a genuine personality. Few days ago, one of the Paras brothers went viral after netizens joint forces to get to know more about Kobe Paras' girlfriend. This time, it's Andre Paras who made news after posting a very sweet photo of him together with another GMA 7 artist. Who is she? Andre Paras came all support to his 'Ms. Gold Medal' Ashley Ortega in the recently concluded Summer Skate 2018 competition held at the Mall Of Asia. Andre did not let the opportunity pass to witness all of Ashley's performances and even made a video highlighting his Ms. Gold Medal's choreographic. Seeing a guy's effort to be in one of your most important battles in life is very pleasing in a woman's perspective. The said gesture might be intending to show a blossoming 'intention' but we can never say it is special until the guy confesses. Taking

Meet Vivoree's New Love Team That Caught The Attention of Netizens

A celebrity can gain more attention and fame when paired up with a love team. Since acting solo would give one a hard time sustaining their career, being teamed up with a good partner, either equally dashing or undeniably good looking and talented, your career is totally will escalate a notch. And what better way to hook your audience and followers is to give them a reason to feel all giddied and excited to what your future relationship will offer. And as we see it, and as been observed by her followers, Vivoree is up for the show. Her fans are all excited to see her with a man which they are eyeing as a good pair for our sweet girl. Vivoree was discovered from the reality show, Pinoy Big Brother which gave her the opportunity to be known in the industry and had become an inspiration to people who admire her. Some photos were seen of her and a man which make her followers enthusiastic for the love team. The man is one of the members of the all boy group Hashtags which were intro