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"That My Boy Winner " Goyong After 19 Years

If you're a 'batang 90s', probably Goyong would be familiar to you. 2 decades after leaving the limelight, where is Goyong now? source: Youtube Goyong or Steven Clyde in real life was one of the famous bibo stars way back late 90s after entertaining "Eat Bulaga" viewers with his 'kabibohan' and in born talent in singing and dancing. Goyong became part of Eat Bulaga's talent segment "That's My Boy" wayback 1998. The former star was a crowd favorite that time however, winning the audience's hearts had not become his edge to win the said competion but just landed a runner-up. Although Goyong did not win the "That's My Boy" title, he was able to bag a lot of projects in GMA 7. He became a regular cast of GMA 7's past comedy show "Beh Bote Nga" and if our memory serves us right, he played the role of a young genie in the mentioned show. 19 years after leaving the showbiz industry, Goyong again made news o

Edward Barber Proud Brother To His Beautiful and Smart Sister

Everyone would love to have a loving and 'makulit' brother like Edward Barber. That is why, it is imposibble not for his fans to know his close relationship with his older sister Laura Anika. Get to know more about her through this article. source: Youtube Few days ago, the other half of MayWard Edward Barber shared how proud he feels for his older sister who graduated from college with a Bachelor degree in Chemistry at University of Warwick in England. Well, we did feel Edward for that as Chemistry is a difficult program in college because it's not just all about science, it also covers calculations and great memory skills. source: Instagram source: Instagram source: Instagram source: Instagram source: Instagram In Edward's post, he did not just showed how proud he was for his sister's achievement through posting a photo and captioning it with a simple congratulatory message but he also hilariously described how he felt the moment

50 Year Old Mom Who Looks 25 Years Younger

She once broke the internet after photos of her went viral, being featured on various social media and internet platforms being a 50-year-old woman who looks 25 years old! Liu Yelin, a former Chinese librarian from the Henan province wows the internet again after another viral photograph of her which she personally posted in her Weibo account. source: Youtube  Liu Yelin said that the secret to her amazing physique and youthful appearance is exercise and healthy diet. Despite her age, Yelin said that she has been working out for over 30 years to keep her body physically fit. Also, she prefers the cold and icy weather as her training grounds. She often does yoga in snow and swimming in the icy waters. According to her, the cold weather and freezing climate slows down the ageing process, thus her youthful glow. And just now, as reported by Asia One, Yelin posted a swimming suit photo of her on her Weibo account. Reportedly, Yelin took the photo dipping on the icy waters of Lake Ba

Sarah Geronimo's Transformation Shared By Friend Eric Santos

All of us bloom depending on our season. Some bloom at the early stage particularly after puberty while others transform at the later stage of their life. Just like famous singer and performer Sarah Geronimo and Erik Santos. Here is their viral throwback photo. source: Instagram Just in time today which is a #throwbackthursday, the photo of Sarah Geronimo and Erik Santos taken during their early years in showbiz became a hot topic online due to their huge transformation. Comparing the old photo to the look of the famous stars now, we can say that only their style and body frame changed. With the advantage of the advancement of the cosmetic and fit and wellness companies, Sarah Geronimo and Erik Santos took the opportunity to improve their packaging as stars since they really are on top of their game. As most claim, the two singers do not need to undergo under the knife as they are born with natural charisma and of course, they primarily market their voice not their looks -- looks

Robi Dominggo Spotted WIth A New Girl In Anne Curtis ' Movie Premier Night

source: Youtube  Up until this moment, fans still can't get enough of Robi Domingo's personal life especially after calling it quits with Gretchen Ho. Since many are watching over Robi's personal life, it's not imposibble for some fans  to make an issue out of what they see particularly when Robi is accompanied by a girl whom everyone believe his new girlfriend. Here is a video posted by StarsPhotog Biz where Robi Domingo was spotted with a girl in the recently held "Buy Bust" advance screening. As seen in the video, Robi was with a woman wearing a long black dress. The alleged couple was captured together after the premiere particularly going out of the cinema house. At first, you might think that the uploader of the video would preserve the privacy of the lady but before the video ends, her face was revealed. Who is she? Unfortunately, even us, we don't have any idea who the woman is but we are sure that she is a non-showbiz personality. so