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Rita "Badjao Girl" Gaviola Tours Netizens in Her New House

It's every celebrity's dream who came from humble beginnings to have their own house someday which came from their own blood and sweat.  Among the known rags-to-riches celebrities who can now be added to the growing list of artists who have now invested to have her own house is none other than Rita "Badjao Girl" Gaviola.

Here is now the latest about the discovered beauty. Through a video posted online, Rita shares to her supporters their newly built house which according to her was sponsored by her mommy Grace Kreutzer.

Rita "Badjao Girl" Gaviola first rose to fame when her stolen photos wherein she's carrying her younger sibling to beg for alms went viral. Rita was an unusual scene in the busy streets of Quezon Province where at that time is celebrating the Pahiyas festival. The young woman was an unusual scene because of her enchanting beauty which all considered as something that is worth to be discovered.

Because of her beauty, Rita was able to rise t…

Sheena Halili Says Yes To Her Non Showbiz BF Marriage Proposal

At this age, proposal is always something to look forward. The pressure will always be on the man, on how he can make the proposal worth remembering, surprising, and intimate. Men from all over the world would never fail to surprise their woman, and everything seems picture perfect.

Moreover, this also is every woman’s dream, to make them feel special and loved, and a much anticipated even of their lives to finally commit and to be officially become a wife and start a family. Getting married is another chapter of one’s life, and it needs stability and strength to endure everything.

Another awesome proposal was from Sheena Halili’s long time boyfriend, Atty. Jeron Manzanero. Sheena was one of the teens who had been admired during her time, she was one of the finalists of the first batch of the reality search “Starstruck”. She might be out of the limelight for a while, but her fans continued to follow her every step of the way.

The feed was seen from the social media posts of Sheena and J…

Momolands Nancy Mcdonie Real Singing Voice

Let's admit it, there really are artists that depend on auto tune to give more texture to their songs apart from singing using their natural voice. Even some K-pop songs use this technology for the same purpose. That is why, some are not convinced that all K-pop artists can really sing. Well, here is one video to prove you wrong.

Beautiful, charming and hot, these are the best qualities that sums up Nancy Mcdonie of Momoland. Probably, you are also guilty for labelling Nancy as just a beautiful face and not a born singer but not after you watch the following video.

Nancy Mcdonie is known for her beautiful face but of course, she won't be a part of a K-pop group, if she can't sing. In the following video, Nancy proved her bashers wrong for singing using her natural voice.

What is our verdict? Even us cannot believe that Nancy possess such an angelic singing voice. Well, we're not saying that she can't sing but she exceeded her expectation too much. And the best descr…

Liza Soberano Dances Momoland's Latest Song BAAM

It is not new to everyone that Liza Soberano  resembles to a popular  Korean dance group member Nancy Jewel Mcdonie of Momoland.

It can be flattering to discover that there is a high profile who look just like you. And according to scientific research, a person might have at least seven strangers who can pass as his or her twin. And it is amazing if you would not be able to distinguish the two of you. A Korean language artist by the name of Nancy Jewel McDonie or by her Korean language name, Lee Seung Ri shared a live online video of her and other Momoland members. Out of curiosity she searched for Liza Soberano because  the girl often heard and read from comments that the lady appeared as if  her.

Facebook . com live video was published  on Nancy Momoland Web page. And on the online video, you can hear how fluent she speaks in English, she' still in disbelief, yet one affiliate helped her to search for Liza, though she actually is having a hard time to pronounce the label, you w…

PBB Housemate Vivoree Emotional After Meeting A Young Sampaguita Vendor

Staying inside the PBB house will certainly test your character. That is why, many individuals are trying their luck to be part of "Pinoy Big Brother" to know themselves more apart from using the reality show as a stepping stone to enter the showbiz industry. It's not only inside the PBB house where one's true color can be revealed but also in the outside world where you can be yourself. What more if you're really born with a soft heart?

Ex-PBB housemate Vivoree was caught in tears outside a mall in Quezon City after doing a deed to a stranger who touched her heart.

Vivoree's friend has filmed the ex-housemate crying, moments after she bought all the goods of a sampaguita boy who approached them to endorse his products.

According to Mhae A. Fuentes, Vivoree's friend, the young sampaguita boy in his school uniform who approached them is a grade six student. The boy usually sells late at night around the area so he could save some cash for his studies.


FPJ’s 40 year old Wedding Videos, Digitally Restored!

Photographs will always preserve the precious memory of the distant past. Preserving the emotion of tears, and of joy on certain occasions. Before the rise of the social media and cameras who rely on memory cards where you can store and delete pictures, the early camera has only precious number of films to use that every click counts, and we make sure that it was already picture perfect.

At present, couples always spend 25% of their budget on their wedding on video and photoshoot of this kind of special event. But how about the previous photos and videos of couples where it was still printed in black and white?

Good thing about the revolution of technology, people now was able to discover how to digitally restore videos and photographs from their classic black and white print to capture their detail with colors. And it is with pride to announce that the FPJ productions founded by the King of the Philippine Cinema, Fernando Poe Jr., was able to restore the wedding videos of the late Fer…

The Kathryn Bernardo and Liza Soberano of GMA

The fact that Kathryn Bernardo and Liza Soberano are the two of the most popular stars of Kapamilya, their counterpart have their own version of them. Not as popular but as beautiful as the two kapamilya stars.

The life in the entertainment industry is a big competition. There is no guarantee on how long will you stay, at the same time there is no guarantee on how loyal your supporters can be. As what they say, you are on the pedestal and being recognized and had become a star not only because of your talents but with the volume of people whom you entertain and supports you.

 Regardless whether you started as a child star, shifting roles from a little kid to a mature role would really take great transition, at the same time taking care of your image, unless you were really able to establish a strong foundation and commitment to your career, that your career is part of the blood in your veins that it is already inseparable.

Another promising star is the 17 year old actress of the Kapus…

Message of the Beautiful Filipina Doctor Catches Several Netizen's Heart

We can say that nowadays it's already hard to find a woman with beauty, wit and humor. If you happened to know someone who has the same qualities, consider yourself lucky.

This newly graduated doctor virals online not because she's a beauty but due to her natural humor which she shared through the speech she posted on her Facebook account. The said lady with beauty, wit and humor is none other than Maria Sydney Salientes Rubrica.

Sydney's funny speech that went viral online centers on her gratefulness to people behind her success. She thanked her family, friends and classmates with matching hilarious 'hugot' which really made her post engaging to read.

After her post went viral, Sydney again brought laughter revealing that she's a bit closer to be noticed by her celebrity crush Lee Min Ho.

Going through her facebook account, we can say that Sydney has made her own name online as she's been followed by more than 32K Facebook users and for each of her post, s…

Liza Soberano Sings Eminem Hit Song

What's more with Liza Soberano? She is not just a pretty face but she proves that she's also born to slay a stage performance. Watch Liza Soberano as she surprises her fans with her rap skills.

Few months ago, news sharing sites shared how Liza Soberano slays singing an OPM song particularly, Andrew E's "Banyo Queen" which of course blew the netizens away because they never expected Liza to have a jologs side.

This time, Liza again shocked at the same time made the day of her fans by singing Eminem's part in the 2010 hit "Love The Way You Lie" featuring Rihanna. Well, it's anticipated that Liza would be singing Rihanna's part in the said song and yes, she nailed it but when the beautiful young actress proceeded to the rap part of the song, that was the time when the crowd went wild.

Dressed in a smart striking green suit, Liza wows the audience with how she  effortlessly sings  and take note, the piece was Eminem's, one of the most known i…

Sarah Geronimo Birthday Celebration In Japan With Bf Mateo Guidicelli

Sarah Geronimo's relationship with Mateo Guidicelli is not as publicized in social media compared to other celebrities. The showbiz couple maintain their relationship far from the public eye since the two became an official item. That is why many are shocked when a reliable source revealed that the celebrity couple went to Japan and checked in a posh hotel in Tokyo without any company, just the two of them to be exact.

Last month, Sarah Geronimo celebrated her 30th birthday with Mateo Guidicelli in Japan and take note, it was just the two of them who went out of the country without their usual company or a chaperone from Sarah G's camp.

According to Mateo, Sarah's 30th birthday marks her freedom to the things she wants to do without the company of a chaperone during their dates as her mother now allows her to travel just with him.

The said 'freedom' was further proved during Mateo's interview when he was asked about their recent trip in Japan. The hunk actor may…