Momolands Nancy Mcdonie Real Singing Voice

source: Youtube
 Let's admit it, there really are artists that depend on auto tune to give more texture to their songs apart from singing using their natural voice. Even some K-pop songs use this technology for the same purpose. That is why, some are not convinced that all K-pop artists can really sing. Well, here is one video to prove you wrong.

Beautiful, charming and hot, these are the best qualities that sums up Nancy Mcdonie of Momoland. Probably, you are also guilty for labelling Nancy as just a beautiful face and not a born singer but not after you watch the following video.

Nancy Mcdonie is known for her beautiful face but of course, she won't be a part of a K-pop group, if she can't sing. In the following video, Nancy proved her bashers wrong for singing using her natural voice.

What is our verdict? Even us cannot believe that Nancy possess such an angelic singing voice. Well, we're not saying that she can't sing but she exceeded her expectation too much. And the best description that we can say once she opens her vocal chords is that 'she brings heaven here on Earth.'

Her singing voice resembles how princesses sing and singing some known Disney songs helped much to further show her vocal range and the texture of her voice.

Yes, we should be expecting that she sings like an angel because of her soft speaking voice but it's rare for someone to have the same speaking and singing voice. That is why, when we heard Nancysinging for the first time, it blew us away.

Going through the comments, many netizens were also left with mouth wide open after listening to Nancy's singing voice and they admit that they fell inlove to the K-pop artist even more.

We are pretty sure that after her career in the K-pop industry, Nancy would get a huge chance to bag a career in Hollywood particularly on Disney through giving life to a Disney princess character Did Nancy's singing voice also blow you away?


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