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Liza Soberano As Beautiful As Ever in Her Star Magic Ball 2018 Dress

For the past 3  consecutive years Liza Soberano was considered as one of the brightest stars in Star Magic's Ball night. In this year's ball night, The new darna actress stunned co stars with her more matured outfit.

Every year, Star Magic and it's talents  gathers for one very special occasion. It become a regular annual celebration where Star Magic's actors and actress joins and celebrate together.In 2016, Liza Soberano  shine the  brightest among the  the brightest stars of Star Magic. In fact, she won not just the best dress of that night but also the heart of many fans including her co stars.

In 2017, Once again, Liza Soberano in almost perfect face, amazed everyone with her black and elegant. floral dress.

Liza Soberano became the yearly eye candy of the said annual special event. In fact, Many stars including Vice Ganda expects that the Bagani stars will hailed again as one of the most beautiful faces in the said ball night.  Liza Soberano once again , The mos…

Rumored Surfer / Model Girlfriend of Zanjo Marudo | Sobrang Ganda Nya

Many fans felt sorry after Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonzo parted ways in 2016. Two years after the much talked about break-up, the former couple individually enjoy their separate lives. Bea Alonzo is now much busier with her career while Zanjoe Marudo maintained his status in the limelight plus gaining again everyone's attention after the hunk actor was spotted with another girl. Who is she?

Of course, all of us when we're in an unsuccessful relationship, we desire to move on as soon as possible but it really takes time for each heart to heal from a break up. Probably, one of the most common sign when one had gotten over from a break up is to again entertaining people whom one can build a relationship with.

In the case of the former couple Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo, it seemed that they've already overcome the painful process of forgiving and forgetting since they've been reported in the past dating other personalities. Bea Alonzo wayback got linked to Gerald Anderso…

KC Conception's Boyfriend, Owns A Castle | Sobrang Yaman Naman Pala

One of the most fulfilling achievement is when your parents will finally approved of your current relationship. Truth be told, in the Philippine culture, the permission of the parents on whom you should be with is highly regarded and respected. That their approval and blessings in committing a relationship is very important.

So this applies to Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion’s daughter, KC Concepcion. It is but normal for parents to be extra protective of their child at the same time being cautious of whoever courts her, especially if it is your daughter. You would want to find a man who would take good care of her and would treat her as a princess. And it would take a while to convince the parents, and the man should prove himself worthy to be trusted.

And finally, KC Concepcion was able to find his partner, there is not yet further plans to escalate the relationship, but by being given with a high regard and appreciation from the mother, Sharon Cuneta, it is already a step forward…

Barbie Imperial Surprises Birthday Boy JM De Guzman With A Song

It's just recently when this video of JM De Guzman was surprised by his "Araw Gabi" co-stars went viral online. What's the scoop on that day?

On September 9, JM De Guzman celebrated his 30th birthday together with his "Araw Gabi" co-stars since JM could not leave the show's taping for a well-deserved birthday break as the show continues to top the ratings since the day it was aired. Although he didn't have a glamorous celebration outside work, JM's co-stars tried their best to make the actor's day special by of course setting up a surprise party for him in the set.

The celebration was intimate and follows a motif where everyone were dressed in their floral beach outfits since "Araw Gabi" is mostly shot at the beach. The entire production really did a great job for knowing JM's likes and as seen by the design of his cake, it has a guitar since JM loves playing the guitar.  What made the celebration extra special?

Yes, you guess…

The First Filipina To Walk Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Meet Kelsey Merritt

Filipino social media users are sharing nonstop the news on their delight that there will be a true blooded Filipino who will participate in the runway show of the very famous Victoria Secret. Being a Victoria Secret Angel is an opportunity for a model to be hailed on stage and admired by various people all over the globe. Aside from ramping on stage, the way you will carry the attire is really something to look forward.

This Filipina model is not new to the industry, she was seen on local TV commercials like Palmolive and San Miguel Light beer. At the same time she was seen on magazine covers like Rogue and METRO. She also appeared on campaigns for international brands like UNIQLO, and she was also one of the models of the international designer Vera Wang who is based in New York.

Kelsey Merritt was a former AB Communication from Ateneo de Manila University. She mentioned in one of her interviews that she was very fond of playing volleyball back when she was in high school. And if not…

Beutiful Pinay Model Dubbed as Queen Of Tiktok

The mobile app Tiktok has become one of the most downloaded application in play store since this became the means of some to achieve fame online. While some put a lot of effort to make their videos worth posting online, here is a beautiful lady who effortlessly gain fame through creating hilarious Tiktok videos.

Shyr Jane Gatdula Balagtas or popularly known as Shyr Balagtas is starting to make a name online through Tiktok. Because she's a natural dubber, Shyr is now hailed as Tiktok queen. Wanna know why? Better watch her best Tiktok video compilation.

As seen on her viral videos, the beautiful Tiktok fanatic loves dubbing famous local celebrities' lines particularly the ones that marked to the public including Vice Ganda's hugots and KathNiel's deadly lines in their movies.

It's not only her natural talent on dubbing why many instantly fell for Shyr. It really is obvious that Shyr is born with artistahin looks. That is why, some netizens mistaken her as Kyline Alcan…