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Smart Student With No Laptop , Prints All Her Visual Aids

Inspiring student  gains praises from netizens for delivering a good report without a powerpoint presentation.

Our generation today is dependent to technology that even our education system tries to adapt the use of modern technology to efficiently present to class and engage the student in the lessons.

Today, the usual way to present in class is by using a powerpoint presentation and this won't be possible if you do not own or have an access to a laptop or a desktop. So, if your teacher requires you to report in class using a powerpoint and you found yourself not having a laptop of your own, what would you do?

This photo of a female student who presented in class using only print outs of her report gains different reactions from netizens. According to the uploader of the said photo who happened to be the professor of the girl, his student was witty and creative enough to meet what she's required to do, although she broke the requirement of using a powerpoint presentation.


Masaya Na Ngayon si Sunshine Sa kanyang Bagong Lovelife

The entire nation felt saddened after Sunshine Cruz and Ceasar Montano called their marriage quits after a decade of being together as husband and wife. However, everyone were on Sunshine's side when the actress decided to reveal the reason behind their unsuccessful married life.

Everybody knew why Sunshine Cruz left her former husband Cesar Montano was due to a third party. However, few days ago, Sunshine broke her silence and revealed more about their life as a couple behind the doors of their home. Generally, the actress shared that her married life with Montano was rough even from the start. She beared everything out of her unconditional love until Montano pulled the last straw for having an affair.

After their controversial separation, Sunshine Cruz opens her heart and believed in love again. Now, the beautiful actress is currently in a relationship with her businessman boyfriend, Ishmael "Macky" Mathay.

As of this writing, the couple have been together for more t…

Simple lifestyle | John lloyd Cruz Inienjoy Ang Simpleng Buhay Matapos Iwan Ang Showbiz

It's been a long time since we last saw John Lloyd Cruz breaking the headlines. The last time was when he suddenly left the showbiz industry to settle down with his co-star Ellen Adarna in his last on-screen project "Home Sweetie Home". Speculations about their relationship continue to strengthen when the two shared their photos together on their respective Instagram accounts.

Although both Ellen and John Lloyd have not officially confirming their relationship yet, the couple continue to live their lives normally outside the showbiz industry and much happier now that they have their own child.

Based on their social media accounts, there seemed no trace that Ellen and John Lloyd regret their decision of settling down suddenly especially John Lloyd Cruz as many photos of him surfaced online that the former actor enjoys his simple life without the perks of being a celebrity.

Yes, there maybe a lot of perks when you got all the fame but in exchange, you got to give up your…

Jay R Proposes to Beautiful Girlfriend, Watch Engagement Video

It's every girl's dream to meet their soulmate and be married to the man of their dreams and of course, before getting married, the much anticipated event would be first the proposal.

Without any clue, 32-year-old model Mica Javier got engaged the night when she assumed as an ordinary work night with her now husband-to-be Jay-R. Wanna know how the surprise engagement party happened? Their celebrity friends gave us a quick glimpse to the proposal. The proposal happened last night at Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams where the model came to the hotel for a music video shoot with Jay-R. Until the RnB singer invited the model to dine in a restaurant with their family and friends.

As seen in a clip shared by Jaya, Jay-R was almost in tears asking for his girl's sweet 'yes' as he was on his knees. Initially, Mica was all in shock because she does not have any idea about the proposal proven that she even posted few videos and photos before the proposal took place. As expected,…

Bagong Babaeng Nagpapangiti Kay Willie Revillame, Usap Usapan Dahil Sa Taglay Nyang Ganda

Every Filipino knows Willie Revillame as he is very close to the mass through his noontime variety shows. He continue to live by his known image up until now through his current late afternoon show "Wowowin". Despite having all the success in life, no man can live alone and unsuccessful personal life will never be a hindrance for Willie Revillame to open his heart again.

The showbiz industry has become more excited and intrigue following Willie's current life after this lady came as guest in his show. Who is she?

Many noticed Willie's unexplained energy and happiness when the recently crowned Miss Earth Philippines Silvia Celeste Cortesi appeared on Willie's show. Probably, that time was the first time when a beautiful lady was able to ride and cope up naturally with Willie's humor which might be the reason why the celebrity host became more energetic or shall we say 'ganado' the whole time the beauty queen was around.

The speculation about Willie'…

Vice, Calvin Abueva Hindi Ikakahiya Ang Namamagitan Sa Kanila

With the common adage, one day, we will receive the love that we deserve. For our life’s purpose is to experience to love and be loved, it is a very difficult feat to take. You will not meet the person destined to you overnight. It takes time, with the different life’s challenges and heartaches life might brought you, it might seem unfair, but what is certain, is it prepares you to be a better person for the one you will love during your lifetime.

After Vice Ganda’s heartache with basketball player, Terrence Romeo, According to Cristy Fermin in her article at Bandera , Vice is now rumored to have a found a new relationship with another basketball player. Vice Ganda’s previous relationship has been out in the public no matter how she tried to keep it private. But she experienced being denied by Terrence, which was very disappointing and heartbreaking, no living person would want to experience being denied by a person whom you taught loves you.

Some would say that with Vice Ganda’s statu…

Sinio ng Fliptop, May Realtalk Para Sa Mga Kababaihan

Sinio was one of the known best emcee on Fliptop Battles, he is famous for his honest lines whenever he fights for the arena. He was featured on TV on some talk shows and has been on several videos on YouTube and Facebook where he is doing his fliptop battle.

But this video who has come to the attention of the netizens tells something about how women treats their men. In the video Sinio is inside his car with his partner Tintin on the passenger’s seat. In the video, SInio raises this concern on women on why would they always ask their partner to carry their bags, may it be shopping bags, shoulder bag.

Carrying it for them is no problem, but the design of the bag seems troubling for Sinio. He says, girls did not even consider buying their bags if it would agree to the taste of their man. Where the bag is color pink or peach that is very feminine and the macho lover would feel humiliated carrying one. He added that he should let the man choose the bag that he wishes his girl to carry si…

Dubbed as The Modern Caveman , Trends After Dating A Beautiful Western Girl

Sometimes, women are not smitten by a six-pack abs or a god-like features because everything will boil down to having a great personality. It may sound cliche but it's true, looks do fade but personality lasts. And this Thai caveman serves as a good demonstration.

One man living in a cave went viral just recently for taking a lot of beautiful girls home, literally. Not because his home is a 21st-century well-designed and engineered house but by how the said man smoothly talks.

In a story that is making rounds online, "The Cave Man 2018" as dubbed by netizens uses his gift in doing smooth conversation to win the hearts of girls especially female foreigners but his encounter with a certain Russian tourist marked and became the most unforgettable.

The Thai cave man ended up taking home this beautiful Russian tourist by first approaching her. He said that he saw the beautiful Russian outside a 7-eleven store. He got captivated with her beauty and he decided to made a u-tur…

Akala Nang Lahat Bata Lang Sya, Nagulat Sila Ng Malaman Nila Ang Tunay Nyang Edad

With the improvement in the technology, different ways to become youthful are in demand in the market. However, this lady that we are about to feature no longer needs to visit any clinics to make her look much younger than her age because she's born as if she never aged. Who is this lady?

As of now, many are still looking for the solution to stop ageing and as a matter fact, a lot of people are currently investing on beauty and wellness to maintain a youthful glow no matter how much it costs. Probably, this girl would cause jealosy among us because she literally look significantly years younger than her true age.

Meet Tan Thi Ai Tram, a Checking her photos, it's a bit illogical to claim that Tan Thi Ai Tram is a late bloomer because she's already a 19-year-old which is grown up  but how can she looks so way too young for her age?

Unfortunately, this question was not answered by the stories about her we read online but if you ask us, probably, there is something in her gen…