Dubbed as The Modern Caveman , Trends After Dating A Beautiful Western Girl

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 Sometimes, women are not smitten by a six-pack abs or a god-like features because everything will boil down to having a great personality. It may sound cliche but it's true, looks do fade but personality lasts. And this Thai caveman serves as a good demonstration.

One man living in a cave went viral just recently for taking a lot of beautiful girls home, literally. Not because his home is a 21st-century well-designed and engineered house but by how the said man smoothly talks.

In a story that is making rounds online, "The Cave Man 2018" as dubbed by netizens uses his gift in doing smooth conversation to win the hearts of girls especially female foreigners but his encounter with a certain Russian tourist marked and became the most unforgettable.

The Thai cave man ended up taking home this beautiful Russian tourist by first approaching her. He said that he saw the beautiful Russian outside a 7-eleven store. He got captivated with her beauty and he decided to made a u-turn as he was riding his motorcycle that time.

"I said to her, ‘You interrupted me. I was riding my motorbike home, but because of your beauty, I had to turn around. I needed to talk to you and find out if you’re beautiful on the inside as well," the 48-year-old cave man said.

At first, the lady felt hesitant to at least have a conversation with him but luckily, after some few assurance that he won't do anything to cause her harm, the beautiful lady decided to accept his invitation to come to his house.

The cave man also further used his suave moves to completely win the "slim, beautiful woman" Russian tourist upon knowing that she's scheduled to depart from Thailand the next day.

"Then this is your last chance to get to know me. We have to find a beautiful place to sit and talk,” the cave man told the tourist. Well, he did not only get the chance to invite the Russian tourist in his cave house but he also got a chance to take selfies with her and boasted their photos together online. So, guys. You now know what's the best way to woman's heart. Learn from this modern cave man!


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