Dating Sikat Na Sikat Na Artista, Ibinahagi Ang Hirap ng Pagiging Single Mom

source: Instagram/ Melissa Ricks
 It's been years since we last saw Melissa Ricks appeared on TV or even in a public event. Was it because she's now focusing more on being a hands-on mom to her daughter Kiera Kelly?

Although we haven't experienced yet being in the shoes of a single mother or at least being a mom, we believe that taking the best care for your children is really a big responsibility to the point that you need to let go and sacrifice some things for the welfare of your family. Melissa Ricks can attest to this.

On her previews interviews, the former actress shared how life turned 360 degrees for her the time she gave birth to her daughter. From being the one whose been given attention, now, Melissa Ricks gives her all for her daughter Keira.

After settling down, Melissa Ricks started to lay low from the limelight until she decided to leave the industry and be a hands on mother to her child.

The former Kapamilya star told on her recent interview that she turned down a lot of opportunities to comeback in show business including some public events. She admitted that she turned down new breakthroughs on her career because she could not do it and described those times as "tough days" for her not until she made a move to do some things all by herself.

source: Instagram/ Melissa Ricks

source: Instagram/ Melissa Ricks

source: Instagram/ Melissa Ricks

source: Instagram/ Melissa Ricks

She may not be seen on TV now but Melissa Ricks is much active online through her social media accounts and her own channel on youtube where she uploaded her vlogs.

This new path led her to be chosen as one of the personalities in youtube to be part of #YTNextUp. She said that she never expected to be picked as she submitted her application the very last minute.

The said project is big for vlogger like Melissa Ricks as youtube is their best platform to showcase their creativity and skills on vlogging.  As of the moment, Melissa Ricks continues to vlog where she shares a piece of her life to her subscribers.

source: Instagram/ Melissa Ricks

"Uh-oh ito nanaman! The crying series. the truth is the past couple of years have been tough for me. Then #YTNextUp came along. Prior to this I said no to every tv guesting or work offered to me or even events to attend, I turn them all down, because I just couldn't do it, but this I applied for haha (thanks @brattynellah) I wasn't expecting to be picked at all, but I was.. I was afraid to go, was thinking of reasons not to go and get out of it, I was getting anxiety before and during the 5 days I was there, but I pushed through with it. I thought to my self, God wanted me to be there and he chose me amongst so many who wanted to participate. These photos were taken the last day, when we showed everyone our Final videos for the camp. What my co-creators said to me made me cry.. because i felt appreciated. For so long I have been doubting myself, constantly putting myself down, making myself small But they saw me differently. They knew who I was, or what I did before all this, but that didn't matter, they saw me for who I am, they said I was an inspiration, someone that was strong and that I was real, I was helping alot of single moms and parents, bringing light to every situation, along with my daughter in Vlogs that we did. I made other people happy in my own little way. That really affected me because actually the truth is I have been battling for so long to keep strong, trying to keep everything together, and knowing that I could touch alot of people meant alot to me, so I became an emotional wreck during the comments!! Hahaha YES I'm a single mom, YES i gained alot of weight, YES I'm not active in showbiz anymore, YES I have made mistakes and YES im still battling my demons but that doesn't define me. Not being okay is OK. Lets not let problems get the best of us. Lets push through. God put us in each situation for a reason and I thank all these people who made me realize that and Made this journey fun!! Cheers to New friends. New memories. New Vlogs? Hahahaha Thank you guys" captioned by Mellissa Ricks


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