Sinio ng Fliptop, May Realtalk Para Sa Mga Kababaihan

source: Youtube
 Sinio was one of the known best emcee on Fliptop Battles, he is famous for his honest lines whenever he fights for the arena. He was featured on TV on some talk shows and has been on several videos on YouTube and Facebook where he is doing his fliptop battle.

But this video who has come to the attention of the netizens tells something about how women treats their men. In the video Sinio is inside his car with his partner Tintin on the passenger’s seat. In the video, SInio raises this concern on women on why would they always ask their partner to carry their bags, may it be shopping bags, shoulder bag.

Carrying it for them is no problem, but the design of the bag seems troubling for Sinio. He says, girls did not even consider buying their bags if it would agree to the taste of their man. Where the bag is color pink or peach that is very feminine and the macho lover would feel humiliated carrying one. He added that he should let the man choose the bag that he wishes his girl to carry since, he would be the one to carry it in the end.

With this, Tintin hides herself with shame while still laughing and tries to defend herself that the pouch she is asking SInio to carry was just a gift from someone else, and she did not choose that color, and asks Sinio to stop, which the latter thinks otherwise.

Moreover, he mentioned that he would hear complains that if the man refuses to carry the bag, his woman would complain how chivalry is really dead, and she had a barbaric partner who does not mind the situation of his woman.

Netizens was not able to help themselves but commented on this video of Sinio, expressing their sympathy and agreement with Sinio’s dilemma, while the other’s defended TIntin that men should always be ready to carry their partner’s bag to help her. While the other’s suggested that the two should start doing vlogs together for they look fun talking with each other and netizens were entertained.


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