Smart Student With No Laptop , Prints All Her Visual Aids

Inspiring student  gains praises from netizens for delivering a good report without a powerpoint presentation.

Our generation today is dependent to technology that even our education system tries to adapt the use of modern technology to efficiently present to class and engage the student in the lessons.

Today, the usual way to present in class is by using a powerpoint presentation and this won't be possible if you do not own or have an access to a laptop or a desktop. So, if your teacher requires you to report in class using a powerpoint and you found yourself not having a laptop of your own, what would you do?

This photo of a female student who presented in class using only print outs of her report gains different reactions from netizens. According to the uploader of the said photo who happened to be the professor of the girl, his student was witty and creative enough to meet what she's required to do, although she broke the requirement of using a powerpoint presentation.

 The student in the photo managed to report and impress everyone with her desire to pass the subject despite lacking a laptop. Her dedication in her studies did not impress her classmates and professors but the online community as well since many students now are taking their education for granted and worst whine about loads of activities and projects to be accomplished in school 

Speaking of the crazy schedule at school, the said student was revealed by the professor that she works at day for 6 hours before coming to her class.

"She is a working student whi needs to work 6 hours a day before going to class. I understand if she was not able to transfer her visual aids to a more appropriate paper for she has no time at all. Yet she delivered perfectly everything in her report, detail by detail."

Upon knowing this story, we are hoping that students would take the said student as an example that no matter how hard life may throw unto her, she's resilient enough to overcome these challenges.


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