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Lucy Torres-Gomez Reveals Reason Why Daughter Julianna Never Had A Sibling

Everybody wishes to have a big happy family because literally, "the more, the merrier". Although having a big family may require more expense in terms of day to day to living, many are still hoping to have a growing family. The best ones who can really assure the welfare of a growing family are the ones living above the poverty line like the celebrities but ironically, these people who are considered to be part of the high status are much satisfied to have a small family consisting of only one or two kids. It's been almost two decades since Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez welcomed their first born Julianna but with this very significant span, has the couple considered having another child? Lucy Torres shared on her throwback post on Instagram the reason why Julianna never had a sibling. The beautiful politician shared a short story about her one of the most unforgettable discussions with her daughter Julianna. source: instagram source: instagram source: i

Ito na Pala Ang Bagong Buhay ng Dating Aktor Na Si Dino Guevarra

Being a celebrity is no permanent. It can take a while before you hit the spotlight. Some would risk auditioning through talent management, while others will take their chance to join reality shows. Some would grab an opportunity to showcase their talents on gameshows. Nowadays, because of technology, you can easily earn fame by uploading videos or photos that would really appeal to the netizens to qualify for the “entertainment value” Unlike with the celebrity of the 90s. Because of good looks and talents, you can be discovered. If you are a child or a teen of 90s, the shows GMik, TGIS, Tabing Ilog which are local shows on the television will be all familiar to you. It is either you heard of this, or you are an avid fan or you even buy your notebooks with their faces printed on it. But after almost two decades, where are they now? Dino Guevarra is one of the teen heartthrobs of their batch in TGIS. source: youtube source: youtube source: youtube He was paired wi

Babaeng Nakatulog sa Jeep, Nakahanap ng Boyfriend

Have you already found the love of your life? Have you met in the most romantic way you could ever imagine? How about falling asleep on a public utility vehicle, and afterwards getting yourself the love of your life that you waited for quite some time? There is a video that went viral on social media about a beautiful girl who found her knight in shining armor on a jeepney while she was sleeping going to school.  Tin joined the famous program in GMA network, Wowowin as a contestant in one of its segments "Willie of Fortune" where she told their lovestory of her boyfriend for 3 years Chris. She explained that they met on a jeepney during her thesis days back in college where she took up Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management because she always dreamed being a flight attendant. Her boyfriend Chris who tends to be a former flight attendant wanted to wait for her girlfriend for them to be employed as a flight attendant at the same time. Their love story begin when

Romnick Sarmenta, May Bago Na Nga Bang Ipinalit kay Harlene Bautista?

It is a sad truth that no matter how we would want to maintain a relationship, it might really be damaged or they may grow tired being together. There might be relationship that they would say might last forever but there are some things that would really end. Just last month, former actress, Harlene Bautista confirmed their plan of separation with husband, Romnick Sarmenta. Romnick was one of the teen child stars during his time, and later on become a teen heartthrob where Harlene was his loveteam, then later on decided to become partners in life. Their relationship has been private for when they started their married life, they opted for a more peaceful and quiet living to raise their children, at the same time ventured to a coffee and bar shop, that grew into a family restaurant. It all looked wonderful for they share the same interest and support each other with this kind of endeavor, and no one would expect that they would end up walking different paths. source: pep

Pinoy Pinamangha Si Ellen De Generes Matapos Marinig Kumanta

Many aspire to be a local artist to gain fame and be able to share one’s talent to the audience. It will be a nice feeling to be applauded and be appreciated by people who listen to you perform on stage. But what more if you would be invited in a show out of the country, and it is one of the famous shows international where they invite guests who had gone viral online. Ellen De Generes invited Marcelito Pomoy in her show The Ellen Show. He was invited for his singing talent where he can sing soprano and tenor alternately in one song. If we can remember Marcelito won the first place in the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent, and his talent was highly recognized. During the interview, Marcelito has an interpreter during the interview with Ellen De Generes. The interpreter And he narrated how he did not believe the first time when the staff of the show messaged him for an invite not until he received a ticket going to LA. He also narrated his struggle when he ran away from his f