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Kilalanin Si Ion Perez Bago Madiskubre Sa Showtime

If you happen to watch the segment in the Kapamilya noontime show, It’s Showtime, where the gay candidates are being interviewed called Ms. Q & A, probably, you have heard Ate Girl or Jackie, but recently, there is an addition to the group, and that is the good looking escort of the candidates named Ion Perez. With his good looks and his constant stammering, he caught the attention of the host, Vice Ganda, and whenever they appear on stage, Vice Ganda would make sure to make a certain portion to interview Ate Girl and Ion, which will add amusement and entertainment to the viewers and the studio audience.

In the late night show with Tonight with Boy Abunda, Ion Perez revealed himself and answered several controversies that would give light to know his background and who he really is.
Ion Perez was born in Concepcion, Tarlac, he belongs in a family with 15 siblings. Life is tough, and they experienced poverty. He had been a constant companion of his mother in making and selling kak…