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Single Mom Turns Old Shipping Container Into A Beautiful Home

   A mother’s love is unconditional and sacrificial, she is willing to do anything to provide the needs of her family no matter what. What more if she is a single mother who needs to raise her child on her own. It requires courage and strength to brave to whatever challenges to put first the needs of her child, which is clothing, food and most importantly, shelter where they will be secured and they will consider their home. But it is a great challenge when a family found themselves homeless. To add to the pain of this mother is she does not have a husband or a father of her child to look after them. Nevertheless, she found more courage to step forward and found ways to survive. Despite being homeless, this mother from Argentina had used her resourcefulness to make a home out of a shipping container. Because of her experience in modelling a boat, she was able to recreate the shipping container with complete rooms to answer to their need of a home. source: youtube source: y

Napaka Gandang Pamangkin ni Aga Mulach, Isa Pa Lang Beauty Queen.

Beauty really runs in the blood. Talking about beauty, it's not surprising to know that the former matinee idol and forever young looking Aga Muhlach has a niece whose beauty is worth to be crowned as a queen. Who is she? Meet Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez, the daughter of Aga Muhlach's sister Almira Muhlach and former basketball player Bong Alvarez. Alyssa is no longer a new face on TV as she joined the prestigous Ms. World Philippines 2018 where she brought home the title of Reina Hispano Americana Filipinas 2018 and was given the once in a lifetime chance to represent the Philippines in the said pageant. Before bagging a title, Alyssa first gained everyone's attention for being a gamechanger during the Ms. World Philppines 2018 competition particularly when she wore a very unique gown inspired by the Philippine map. The beautiful gown with the intricate Philippine Map designwas created by local designer Benj Leguiab.