A Genius Old Man Discovered Living on the Street

As what they will always say, “You cannot judge the book by its cover.” Years ago, one may be considered impressive and intellectual if you can identify and name the scientific names of animals and plants. But they become few nowadays for the internet is very much accessible in looking for such information

But recently, a Facebook user, Debei Cargando posted a photo of an old man who wears tattered clothes and who looked homeless But, you will be surprised on what this man can do and share the moment you attempt to talk to him and he opens his mouth. He is Alfredo Manuel, 61 years old from Sta. Ana, Manila, in his daily life he would walk the streets of Manila to look in trash bins and garbage cans for good materials that can be sold to the junk shop and will use it as his allowance for the day and the next day.

photo credit: facebook/andrew pamorada

photo credit: facebook/julie garcia
There will be times you will see him sitting on one corner of the street and scribbling notes. You will be surprised that what he writes the scientific names of plants, and there is more, he is also knowledgeable on some highfaluting words that aside from knowing how to use it in a sentence he also knows the definition of each word.

Despite his present situation, he was actually a licensed teacher, according to him, he values education so much and he had given time to learn things, “napakasarap mag-aral kasi dinevote ko ang time ko sa reading, writing, and research.” Due to his experience when he was a child, he strived to earn his education, he might have received his diploma late from the University of the East with the degree Bachelor of Secondary Education because he needs to settle his balance to the university, and because of his work as a janitor, he was able to achieve his goals. In 1986, he passed the Professional Board Exam for Teachers, and in 1992, he was able to pass the Civil Service Exam – Professional Level. Unfortunately, despite these qualifications, he was not able to land on his dream job for he was rejected several times which made him lose his ego and self-confidence. Share us what you think! Thanks for reading!


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