Filipino Tricycle Driver Catches The heart Of This Beautiful Foreigner

As they say, love is blind, that falling in love you would look past the imperfections of the person, even what the people around you are saying no matter how they discourage you from the relationship that feel that may doom to fail. Your other senses will be numbed except for that immeasurable feeling of light headedness, heart fluttering emotion.

The feeling of that once imperfect person would look like a knight in shining armor on you and there would be no one else who would surpass such emotion you feel towards the person. That is the effect of love to an individual. It has been the ancient emotion in the whole world starting from its creation.
The society might have set its own standard on whom should be paired with whom, who belongs to one another, what kind of relationship should we consider a perfect couple. But there will really be an exemption to the rule, despite the eyebrow’s raised from people, love still wins.

It’s a photo featured of a tricycle driver, and beside him is a female foreigner. According to the caption the two were already married, and the reason behind the marriage was the girl fell in love with the man’s virtue of hospitality, kindness, respectful and loving. Can this be considered as true love?

As of this writing this still earns likes and reactions, while some agrees on their relationship, there are still people who posts their unwanted comments. But some shows their envy on the driver for finding the beauty girl as his lifetime partner.

Some would say that you should look beyond the looks for it would apparently wither, instead search for a person that you can tolerate and appreciate for it will not be the looks that you will adjust with but the attitude of the person that you will endure for the rest of your life.

This might look like just another fairy tale for us, but that is how love can change and affect a person who falls in love. It might be the envy of some, but for the others, it might give them hope that there will find a life partner as wonderful as the one featured on the photo. What do you think of their relationship? Is it really true love?

source: facebook

source: facebook

source: facebook


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