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Robi Domingo Pranks Maymay Entrata and Melai Cantiveros

 When time gets dull and boring, one would find some ways to get entertained. Or at this generation, when we try to make fun of someone and make a fool out of them to have a good laugh, we call it a prank. One of the Pinoy Big Brother hosts, Robi Domingo took the challenge or suggestion from one of his followers which he took, he needs to prank a certain celebrity where he will upload for his next episode on his YouTube channel. The follower also suggested which celebrity to prank, and the Robi’s victims will be two previous Pinoy Big Brother big winners, Melai Cantiveros and Maymay Entrata. These two would be an ideal victim for they would always give the funniest reactions, and their expression will always be an exaggeration. Sadly, we cannot see their facial reactions which could be a plus, but knowing the two, it would be hard to put up a straight face, for they would always look funny, whatever their reactions are. Robi tried to call Melai first through his mobile. source:

Yeseung of Miracle in Cell No. 7 is now a Teen!

Among Filipinos who have been fond of Korean Dramas have definitely watched Miracle in Cell No. 7. There have been several reviews saying that this film made them cry. If you haven’t you can be considered a rock or an unemotional being. Miracle in Cell No. 7 was first aired in 2013, it is about a story of a mentally ill father who was wrongly accused, and his daughter named, Ye-Seung who sneaked inside the prison to visit her father. The one who played the role is the seven year old Kai So-Won, she is very charming and very entertaining on the film, at the same time you can feel her genuine emotions whenever there are drama parts in the film. Ryu Seung-ryong on the other hand, played his part well as Yong-Goo as Ye-seung’s father. source: instagram source: instagram source: youtube source: youtube Almost six years has passed, but the emotion and the hype of the film is still there, no matter how many times you have seen the film, it will still make you shed you

Joshua Garcia's New Leading Lady Earned Positive Comments From Netizens

 There will be a new loveteam to look forward to aired on Monday. There might be loveteams that we would want to pair forever, but some TV channels or management took the risk to mix and match actors with actresses to create a new chemistry thus this may also click as a new loveteam to endorse. Janella Salvador and Joshua Garcia or JoshNella is the new loveteam to anticipate in primetime. They will appear in the series The Killer Bride on August 12 during primetime bida after The General’s Daughter featuring Maja Salvador and Geoff Eiganmann and other award winning and notable artists. Janella Salvador was Elmo Magalona’s loveteam they made a series together and some films, the same with Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, but this new loveteam of JoshNella would not hurt to try. Though both admitted that they are still trying to be comfortable on the set, it does not appear that they have this awkwardness during their interview. Janella shared that it is not hard to give your bes

Heaven Peralejo Gives Hint on Why She Broke Up With Jimuel Pacquiao

 Just last year, it has been revealed that the oldest son of Manny Pacquiao, Emmanuel Pacquiao Jr., or Jimuel is already in a relationship. It is no wonder that this could possibly happen, for Jimuel is already on the right age to explore and be on a relationship. Photos of him and his girl were all over their respective social media accounts, and people got curious whether the two are already in a relationship or just began dating. But later on, the relationship has been confirmed. The lucky girl is a former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, Heaven Paralejo. Her surname might ring a bell, and looking at her, she shared the same semblance and beauty of the Paralejo sisters, Rica and Pula. Heaven Paralejo here is actually the sister’s niece. It might have been a great struggle of the two for maintaining their relationship, for Heaven Paralejo being a celebrity and might have been busy with her acting career, while on the other hand, Jimuel Pacquaio needs to live up with the name connect

Man Tries To Surprise GF on Her Birthday , Discovered Something Big Instead

Genuine and long-lasting relationships tend to be very difficult to find nowadays. We can always hear and witnessed love stories from some people we know, from watching television and even by just browsing in social media. Just like the story of this man who earned a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens as he was going to surprise his girlfriend but he ended up broken-hearted because of what happened. The photos of this man went viral as he was holding a bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend that he will be surprising because of her birthday. Little did he know that he would see his girlfriend in the arms of another man hugging each other very tight at the parking lot acting like there were no other people around them at all! The young man looks very devastated and broken-hearted. He wrote; “Today is my girlfriend’s birthday, so I thought of giving her a surprise. I didn’t expect to see this scene.” A lot of netizens were shocked to know about the revelation of

Nadine Lustre Reveals The Reason Why She Give Up Her Role In Miracle In Cell No. 7

Nadine Lustre continuously receives several projects for her career, and she might have been experiencing exhaustion from all the projects she has accepted, though these are blessings, Nadine prioritizes her self and her health. She has Never Not Love You, and just this August, her film, “Indak” will be premiered with Sam Concepcion and Julian Trono. Her acting with the film, Never Not Love You has been recognized for she was awarded a Best Actress from Gawad Urian, FAMAS and Young Critics Circle. And the blessings and opportunities is truly overflowing to this 25 year old lady, we can say that she is really on the peak of her career. Aside from these projects, she is set to become one of the judges to ABS-CBN’s new reality talent competition, Your Moment, with co-judges Boy Abunda and Billy Crawford. source: instagram source: instagram Her followers had been excited when they heard the news that she will also work on another role on a Korean remake, “Miracle in Cell in