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Heart Touching: Beauty Queen Gives Tribute to The "Real Queen"

It was just recently when photos of this newly crowned queen named Threcia Digamon made rounds in different social media platforms as she won the Miss Iligan 2019 crown. Threcia Digamon is a candidate from “Barangay Pala-o”. The viral photos were shared by the Facebook page “Team Conato PH” which earned a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens.

On the said photos, Threcia was seen hugging her grandmother tightly as she was crowned the new queen. They were both crying but she didn’t forget to pay tribute to her loving grandma as she had given her crown to the real queen of her life who supported her and nurtured her even when she was younger.

A lot of netizens could not help but be moved with a magical moment. True enough that there were no other words to describe the scene. It was something that we do not usually see especially today that many of us are doing a lot of things that keep us occupied all the time.

Some netizens could not help but recall they're wonderful memor…

Remember Kitchie Nadal? This is Her "SIMPLENG BUHAY" Outside Showbiz

Do you still remember the songs that we usually sing in the mid-2000s? Some of those songs are “Same Ground," "Majika," and "Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin." Those songs had marked in our hearts and soul and even some of the younger generations nowadays then to sing them often even if it was already after several years ago.

The voice behind those songs is none other than Kitchie Nadal. Kitchie Nadal is
Anna Katrina Dumilon Nadal-Lopez in real life. She is a 39-year-old Filipino singer-songwriter from Manila and was formerly the lead vocalist for the alternative rock band, Mojofly.

She had released one of her chart-topping single entitled “Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin” and her popularity grew bigger and bigger. The album has since achieved double platinum status (over 80,000 copies sold). In support of the Millennium Campaign, Kitchie Nadal and 26 other Filipino artists contributed to the album entitled “Tayo Tayo Rin Sa 2015 - Sing the Songs. Find your Voice. Ch…

Tricycle Driver Gets Viral In Social Media After Requesting His Passenger To Continue Playing His Mobile Game

With all the hardships and struggles in life that many of us encountered every single day. It was just very helpful and beneficial to all of us to somehow find some things or activities that we can do and enjoy. Some of us love to express ourselves in doing paintings, singing, dancing, reading books, writing poems among others. But most Filipino people nowadays tend to enjoy more watching YouTube videos, vlogs, streams, while there were some people who are fond of playing mobile games.

It was just recently when a certain netizen known as Jenny Rose Navarro-Ortile shared on her social media account about her experience with this tricycle driver. According to her viral post, he is a driver from Ben Toda. The driver requested if she can help him with his game as he could play a brawl game on Mobile Legends because he will be driving her to her destination. To her surprise, she just helped the driver who was very serious and concerned about winning the game. She had helped him by moving t…

Yen Santos New Look Catches Netizens Attention

Kapamilya actress Yen Santos surprised a lot of her followers with her new hair cut. She is now sporting a short hairstyle with very short bangs. Her fans and supporters could not help but give their honest opinion about her new looks and most of her fans noticed that it doesn't really look good on her.

There were some netizens who compared her to the popular YouTuber and vlogger Mimi Yuuuh as well as to the internet sensation Majo popularly known as the "You Do Note Girl". Some even speculated that she may be doing a project about " Dora: The Explorer" and that may be the reason why she cut her hair that short. However, some other people said that she just wanted to express her inner "Tokyo", one of the popular character in the Netflix series "Money Heist".

This coming November 13, Yen Santos will once again launch a movie after her project in the "Northern Lights: A Journey to Love". Her newest movie is entitled " Two Love Yo…

Coco Martin Luxurious Car Collection Amazes Netizens

Most of us are guilty of admiring several celebrities and well-known personalities. We are fond of knowing the things that they like, to know more about their family, their personal life, among others. But much more than that we also admire them because of their achievements in life.

Their investments with their hard-earned money is also a great inspiration to many of us. They usually invested in houses, businesses, cars and even in some luxurious bags, clothes, or accessories.

Just like Coco Martin or Rodel Pacheco Nacianceno in real life. He is a 37-year-old actor, director, and film producer, best known for playing the lead roles in Walang Hanggan, Juan dela Cruz and FPJ's Ang Probinsyano from Sampaloc, Manila. From being a janitor in Alberta, Canada he worked really hard until he was given a great opportunity to be in the show business industry.

And today, he is one of the most admirable, and inspiring Filipino celebrities, who are also known by many as a very helpful and gen…

6 Luxurious Car of Manny "PACMAN" Pacquiao

Many of us admire Manny Pacquiao and his family not just because of his achievements in his boxing career but because of his humility and generosity. Even though they are considered as one of the most successful families in the country today, they still know how to help other people especially those in needs. The public was also amazed by Manny’s collection of luxurious cars, here are some of them:

Lincoln Navigator This luxury SUV is reportedly one of the fighting senator’s favorite cars to use especially when he is going to the gym for his training before.

Ferrari 458 Italia This Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the most favorite among famous celebrities, including the Canadian Popstar Justin Bieber. The legendary boxer has been photographed several times using this car.

Mitsubishi Pajero According to some reports, this was the very first vehicle that Pacman purchased when he was still at the beginning of his boxing career.

Mercedes SL550  The Mercedes-Benz SL-Class has been in the market …

Barbie Imperial New Love Team Partner Elicits Reactions From Netizens Because He Resembles To JM Deguzman

Filipinos are really fond of romantic comedy films. Somehow, it is our own way of recharging ourselves from a hard day of work or even from a very stressful situation that we are experiencing. That is why another romantic comedy series is on the watch lists of the public starring Barbie Imperial and Paulo Angeles.

Their upcoming IWant series is entitled “Taiwan That You Love”. It was actually shot in Taiwan and according to the actors and actresses behind it, it will be a great series to watch. The story is about Ivi portrayed by Barbie Imperial who is an adventure seeker and tour guide in Taipei, Taiwan who finally found her forever to his “perfect boyfriend” Eric portrayed by Hashtag Paulo Angeles.

Eric is a smart, kind, and handsome boyfriend of Ivi. Until she met the “boy next door” Wei Ting portrayed by Taiwanese actor Stephen Rong and she found a magical book whose sole purpose is to found Ivi the perfect match for her. She will be torn between two different kinds of love among …

Kisses Delavin Looks Like Xabara of The Famous Netflix Show Arthdal Chronicles

We, Filipinos are all guilty of loving and having a great interest in Korean culture and so many things about them. It was really a breath of fresh air to witness amazing Korean actresses and actors portrayed effectively in their remarkable roles. Even their delectable and sumptuous dishes are a must-try! Their movies and television series are also amazing and had garnered a lot of praise and commendations online. Just like the newest South Korean TV series entitled Arthdal Chronicles that we shouldn’t miss.

Arthdal Chronicles is a 2019 South Korean television series directed by Kim Won-seok written by Kim Young-Hyun and Park Sang-Yeon, starring Jang Dong-gun, Song Joong-ki, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok-Vin. The series aired every Saturday and Sunday on tvN at 21:00 (KST) starting from June 1, 2019. It had already premiered internationally on Netflix.

It was just recently when season 3 had begun and a lot of great actors and actresses had entered the series. Among them was the Japanese actr…