Driver Earned Praises From Netizens After Doing This To A Motorcycle Driver

Not all road accidents ended up in a bad manner,  Just like this incident that happened to Aurora Underpass last Wednesday, September 18. The viral video was shared by the Facebook page “Jessica Sohot” which shows a motorcycle driver who hit a red private vehicle. On the trending video, the driver who was a man wearing black attire went down his car and immediately checked on his car. What he did after amazes a lot of netizens as he asked if the motorcycle driver was alright and he even shakes his hands! It was really something that anyone of us can predict that the driver would actually do!

He didn’t get mad, he didn’t even shout on the motorcycle driver nor embarrassed him in front of many people, and he didn’t even blame him of what happened and asked him to pay for the damages or the disturbance he had caused the driver. What he did was a great deed that we should all be inspired about.

Even the woman who was behind the camera who took the video was in disbelief  when she saw the incident, she even utters some words saying “Ang bait nung driver”. (The driver is very kind) The video already reached 1,639,103 views as of this writing and it elicited a lot of positive reactions and praises from the netizens. Many of them applauded the car driver for what he has done.

The public salute him for his understanding, patience, and care for the other driver. Not many people, especially those some people who are driving their own cars would react as the kind-hearted driver did. We salute you, sir!


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