Tricycle Driver Gets Viral In Social Media After Requesting His Passenger To Continue Playing His Mobile Game

With all the hardships and struggles in life that many of us encountered every single day. It was just very helpful and beneficial to all of us to somehow find some things or activities that we can do and enjoy. Some of us love to express ourselves in doing paintings, singing, dancing, reading books, writing poems among others. But most Filipino people nowadays tend to enjoy more watching YouTube videos, vlogs, streams, while there were some people who are fond of playing mobile games.

It was just recently when a certain netizen known as Jenny Rose Navarro-Ortile shared on her social media account about her experience with this tricycle driver. According to her viral post, he is a driver from Ben Toda. The driver requested if she can help him with his game as he could play a brawl game on Mobile Legends because he will be driving her to her destination. To her surprise, she just helped the driver who was very serious and concerned about winning the game. She had helped him by moving the cursor or the character for the tricycle driver to continue with the game even if his two hands are on the tricycle.

The post instantly went viral on different social media platforms and garnered a lot of hilarious comments and reactions from the netizens. There were even some people who tagged their family members and friends on the said viral post. Though there are some netizens who made a good joke about the incident, there were also some people who commented that the driver should be prioritizing his passengers more than anything. He should also give importance to the safety and security of his passengers and that he should only have his full attention on his driving. Drivers should not be distracted with any other things as they should be the one to know the importance of safety and security of the public.

May this serve as an eye-opener to many people out there that we can always have time to play and enjoy ourselves with the things we really wanted to do but when we are working and we need to do much more important things, we should know how to stop and prioritize things.


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