Corn Vendor Earns Netizens Respects "Sobrang Sipag ni Lola "

 We witnessed a lot of good deeds, and good news on different social media platforms every single day. But this old woman really touched the hearts of many netizens for she was still working very hard under the scorching heat of the sun and the unpredictable rain that comes every day. She also seems to be old but still manages to earn a little money for herself and her family.

No wonder that this netizen posted a photo of the old hard-working lady on social media. A certain netizen named MiracArl Barde shared it online with a caption, “Umulan umaraw nag titinda padin c nanay. Sana po bilhan po niyo siya pag makikita niyo. Masayang masaya na po siya. Sana po may tumulong po sa kaniya.”

The public could not help but admire the old woman for her hard work and dedication to what she was doing. But there were also people who were very worried about the old woman’s health and safety. At the age of the old woman, she must be enjoying her life now. A lot of netizens expressed their sadness and how they really felt about the old woman’s situation.

Some people commented that it was really a heartbreaking situation to see her doing a hard thing just to earn money. May the viral photos of the old woman be seen by the authorities who will be able to help her in the situation. There were also some netizens who would want to help her and know where the hardworking old woman resides.

Nowadays, it was really hard to find a good-paying and a decent job. That is why many of us choose to work whatever jobs are available for us. But we tend to forget about the reality that we are so much blessed to have the strength of a young man or woman that is really a big reason for us to be able to work effectively and efficiently. We must be grateful with so many thing we have in our life now, because not everyone actually has the things that we are all enjoying.


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