Man Traveled India to Sweden on A Bicycle To FInd His Soulmate

Many people say that we can do anything and everything when it comes to love. Have you ever asked yourself how far can love to take you? But this amazing man literally went too far just for love! The story of his incredible love for this beautiful woman shared a lot of inspiration to people. Their love story was shared by “Sarcasm” entitled “A Story Of True Love” which already earned over 1,336,506 views as of this writing.

This Indian artist rode a bike from India to Sweden to be with the woman he ever dreamed of. He is Pradyumna Kumar “PK” Mahananda and he was born in a remote village in Eastern India. He came from one of the poorest family in their country. Because of their situation, he grew up accepting what kind of life he has and accepted the fact that he doesn’t have any escape on the poverty they are experiencing.

But one day, an astrologer told him after his birth that according to the prophecy he will soon be marrying a woman living in a faraway country who is also a musician. That woman also owns a forest and was born under the zodiac sign of Taurus. Kumar used to be a street artist back then and there was this very memorable day for him when a blonde woman came unto him and asked him if he can make a portrait of her. He was very nervous that time as he saw the woman of his dreams named Charlotte Von Schedvin, in front of him asking him to draw her face. That is why he just asked her to come back the next day.

She actually came back three time and he made three portraits of her. He couldn’t believe that the mysterious woman actually has a Taurus zodiac sign, knows how to play the flute, and she actually owns a forest just like what the prophecy stated. Charlotte was only 19 years old by that time but she was never afraid of his confession and she decided to give him a chance. Before going back to Sweden, Charlotte and Kumar spent almost 3 weeks together.

But it was not the end of their story because after a year and a half away from each other, Kumar decided to sell everything he has to purchase a bicycle! He rode that bicycle to travel 6,000 miles just to see Charlotte. With the help of the people along his way, he ended up seeing the woman of his dreams once again and they actually had a full Indian wedding. And now, they are already celebrating their 40 years together and they were blessed with two beautiful children. What an amazing story of true love isn’t?


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