Nadiskubre Ng Mga Scientist Na Ang Pinaka Mean Mong Kaibigan Ay Ang Pinaka May Care Sayo

Whatever age or whoever we are, we would often have that special person whom we trusted and love the most and whom we treat more than our brother or sister! According to Science, if you have a friend who is slightly mean to you and caused you negative feelings, they are the ones who care about you the most and you should keep them around. There was this research which proves that our meanest friend would do nothing to us but beneficial effects.

According to a study published in the Association for Psychological Science, there were really some friends who act and impose mean negative feelings towards their beloved friends so that those negative feelings can be beneficial to them in the long run. The leading scientist this research is Belén Lopéz-Péré, on the study which she conducted it explains how people can become so cruel in order to be kind to their beloved friends in certain situations.

They encourage the participants of the research to imagine themselves being in someone else’s shoes. Researchers assumed that participants of the study would choose the negative experience and felt they could bring their friends to help them achieve their goals in life. For them to test their hypothesis, they had enlisted 140 individual adults to take part in a lab study that involved co-playing a computer game with an anonymous partner known as “Player A”. Participants are the “Player B” who didn’t know that “Player A” doesn’t really exist.

Before their game, participants received a letter from “Player A” which says that he or she had been into a heartbreak of a failed relationship. The participants were asked to imagine how “Player A” would felt and them they play the game as if “Player A” was the protagonist. After their game, participants were exposed to certain music and clips with a description that had different levels of the emotional subject matter.

They were asked at which lever from 1 to 7 they wanted their co-players to listen and read the description of each of those clips. Results indicated that participants who sympathized with the feelings of “Player A” tried to generate strong emotions in their co-player that were actually contingent on the whole purpose of the game.


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