Update to Kyline Alcanatara After Experiencing This Situation

In our society nowadays, it has been one of the standards of people to be “almost perfect” from the clothes we wear, even up to our flawless and fair skin complexion. Even the famous celebrities that we admire the most are expected to be beautiful and perfect with their skin, face, and body. But what we didn’t know is the fact that they are also human, normal people who experience the same things as we did. Unfortunately, it seems that it was very hard for us to accept some things about our admired celebrities who are actually normal to many individuals.

It was just recently when the Kapuso young actress Kyline Alcantara revealed about her condition. She opened up about her personal struggle on her social media account. She was known as one of the beautiful faces in the show business industry nowadays but the public was surprised to know that she was actually being judged and being bashed because of her acne breakouts. She had shared close-up photos of her face online and she became open and honest with what she’s going through.

It immediately went viral on different social media platforms and garnered an enormous number of positive reactions and support from her fans and followers. It was never easy to experience such judgments from many people especially when they are expecting all the celebrities to be flawlessly looking all the time. Because Kyline has a lot of acne breakouts, she needed to wear a lot more make-up to cover everything up. And even she was already wearing a lot of making, it cannot hide the fact that her face was not as flawless as many people.

Despite everything she had been through, Kyline serves as a great inspiration to other people who are experiencing the same things as she did. She reminds everyone that the Lord, our Creator loves us the most whoever and whatever we are. As much as we needed to take care of ourselves, we should also remember to love our own self and body more than anything else in this world, because no one will ever love ourselves more than we do.


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